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Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book (Trusted Since 1999)
Easy to Sell
(People Seek Them Out Annually)
Great Profits
(up to $22.50 per Book Sold)
Fast Turnaround
(Little as 2 Weeks)

How It Works:

You can Start your FUND-RAISER with No Up-Front Investment required.(j1)

Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books are available to groups and individuals through a variety of ordering options, including Purchase Plans and Consignment Plans.

We offer ordering options that allow you to receive your inventory on loan and only pay for the books you sell.(j2)

Starting with your first book sold, you will earn commission for each Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book you sell.

Johnny's Coupons offers different editions to meet most people's budget.

You can sell Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books by providing each supporter with a digital coupon book access code for the edition they purchase.

You can sell one edition or all editions that are available at the time of your fundraiser.

When placing your order, you may combine various editions and different quantities of each.

By offering different editions to your potential supporters you can accommodate virtually all budgets. Your supporters can choose the level of support they can afford.

As soon as you place your order, we will confirm if your requested edition(s) and quantities of each are available.

For in-stock editions, Digital Coupon Book Access Codes are typically delivered within seven (7) business days of your order being confirmed.

Johnny's Coupons offers Free Delivery and Rush Delivery is Available.(j4)

After receiving your order, Members of your organization ask potential supporters to purchase a Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book to support your cause.

Your potential supporters can choose from any of the Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book editions available at the time of your fundraiser and that you decide to sell.

After your supporter has paid you, you issue a Digital Coupon Book Access Code for the edition they selected.

As soon as your supporter visits Johnny's Coupons Mobile Website, redeems their access code, and signs-in to their account, they will have Instant Access to the edition they purchased.

Many of Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupons are worth more than the price of the book so your supporters can start saving right away. Your supporters will find it PAYS to support Your Cause and are likely to become repeat supporters (customers) each year.

Potential Supporters are All Around You
You, and members of your organization, probably know family members, friends, co-workers, and/or past supporters who order Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book each year.

As soon as you start announcing Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books are available through your organization, many past customers, and new prospects alike, will be pleased to purchase it from you.

People prefer to support someone they know and there are many existing customers all around you.

This year they could buy it from you.

It is Easy to Sell What People Want.
Everyone Wants Discounts
Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books are a product people want to buy and can be an easy sell!

Everyone loves saving money and now your supporters can receive Exclusive VIP "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" Discounts for supporting a Great Cause ... Your Cause!

Our participating merchants have offered such extreme and exclusive discounts only a limited number of books can be in circulation. You will be doing people a favour by giving them the opportunity to purchase a Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book. Quantities are limited!

Various Edition Types allowing for flexible levels of Support

Turbo Editions

Typically Includes Exclusive "2 For 1" Discounts for(j8):

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Entertainment

Express Editions

Typically Includes Exclusive "2 For 1" Discounts for(j8):

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Retail
  • Services

Deluxe Editions

Typically Includes Exclusive "2 For 1" Discounts for(j8):

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Golf
  • Health & Beauty
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Attractions

Earn Great Profits
Individuals, organizations, and businesses can earn up to 50% of the retail price of Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book as their profit.(j7) With these margins, even small groups and individuals can raise a lot of money quickly and often with little effort!

Customer Service and On-Going Support
Johnny's Coupons assigns each organization a personal fundraising consultant in their local area. Your fundraising consultant will be available to assist you every step of the way throughout your campaign. We offer in-person meetings along with telephone and email support.

Johnny's Coupons Delivers a Proven, Profitable, Fundraising System That Works!

Join our ever-growing list of satisfied clients and let us help you make this your Most Successful Fundraiser Yet!!

To inquire about selling Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books as a fundraiser, please submit our Fundraising Inquiries form.

If you would prefer to speak with someone, please call us Toll Free at 1-877-243-8241 (9am to 9pm AST) and ask to speak with one of our fundraising consultants in your local area. We are always eager to help.

For your convenience, Johnny's Coupons Customer Service is open extended business hours.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm and Saturdays from 10am to 6:30pm.

(j1)On approved credit. (j2)Subject to Johnny's Coupons Return Policy. (j3)Excluding taxes. (j4) Free Delivery applies to standard delivery orders only. Rush Deliveries are subject to a charge and may not be available in all areas. Some conditions apply. (j5)May vary by edition. (j6)Excluding taxes. Subject to change without notice. (j7)Varies based the ordering option and plan that you choose and the number of books you sell. (j8)Contents vary by edition and may not include all categories shown.

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