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Photo Services

Johnny's Coupons offers On-Site photography services and in-shop photo editing to enhance your digital marketing.

We Can Assist You With:

  • Adding corporate images, your logo and/or text to existing photographs
  • Erasing unwanted images within photographs
  • Restoring your photographs by removing wrinkles, tears, and/or stains
  • Colour Correcting of photographs to improve sharpness and contrast
  • Combining multiple photographs in to one image
  • Incorporating professional graphic design to enhance your photographs

We Can Supply:

  • Photographer
  • Selection of Tripods to capture the best angle
  • Various Lighting Options
  • Camera Lens Filters to create special effects and enhance your photographs
  • Blackout Lighting Panels to minimize glare and reflections
  • Over 70 Colourful and Themed Backdrops
  • Mini Countertops
  • Tables and a large selection of Tablecloths
  • Interior, Illuminated Marquee Signs to showcase your products and services
  • Variety of Props
  • Food/Product Styling
  • Stock Photographs
  • Digital and Printed Copies of your Photographs
  • Framing for your Photographs

To view Sample Photographs and Recommended Dimensions,
or our Backdrops Catalogue, please click the corresponding button below.

Please Note File Size & Download Time:

Our Photograph Information Guide is 42 pages and contains high resolution photographs. The file size is 62 MB and may take up to one (1) minute to download.

Our Backdrops Catalogue is 116 pages and contains high resolution photographs. The file size is 297 MB and may take up to two (2) minutes to download.