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Video Services

Johnny's Coupons offers On-Site videography services and in-shop video production to enhance your digital marketing.

We Can Assist You With:

  • Adding corporate images, your logo and/or text to your existing videos
  • Incorporating Music to your existing videos
  • Adding a Voice-Over to your existing videos
  • Extracting Sound from your existing videos
  • Speeding Up or Slowing Down of your existing video footage to increase dramatic effect
  • Incorporating professional graphic design to enhance your videos
  • Editing your existing videos

We Can Produce:

  • Live Feed Video Broadcasts from your establishment
  • Customized Video Commercials
  • A Personal Welcome Message Video
  • A Video Interview with the owner/manager
  • A Video Tour of your establishment
  • Product or Service Demonstration Videos
  • Product or Service Tutorial Videos
  • A Customer Testimonial Video
  • Slow Motion and Time Lapse Videos
  • Videos of Your Choice

We Can Supply:

  • Video Storyboard and Script
  • Video Director
  • Videographer(s)
  • Up to 3 Camera Shoot
  • Portable and Stationary Video Cameras
  • Teleprompter
  • Live Feed Camera Mixing
  • Video Monitors and Headphones for you to view the live action filming
  • Sanitary Headphone Covers
  • Selection of Tripods to capture the best angle
  • Camera Dollies and Sliders to ensure smooth panning
  • Various Lighting Options for different cinematic effects
  • Camera Lens Filters to create special effects and enhance your production
  • Blackout Lighting Panels to minimize glare and reflections
  • Over 70 Colourful and Themed Backdrops
  • Full Motion Digital Backdrops
  • Tables and a large selection of Tablecloths
  • Interior, illuminated Marquee Signs to showcase your products and services
  • Variety of Props
  • Food/Product Styling
  • Stock Video Clips
  • Stock Audio Clips and Sound Effects
  • Large selection of Microphones to accommodate all applications
  • Sanitary Microphone Covers
  • Live Audio Mixing
  • Sound-Reducing Blankets to cut down on unwanted, background noise
  • Crowd Control Barriers to keep your video production area a No Access Zone to the public

To view our Backdrops Catalogue, please click the button below.

Please Note File Size & Download Time:

Our Backdrops Catalogue is 116 pages and contains high resolution photographs. The file size is 297 MB and may take up to two (2) minutes to download.