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Ordering Options & Profit Potential

You can Start your FUND-RAISER with No Up-Front Investment required.(*OAC)

Johnny's Coupons Delivers a Proven, Profitable, Fundraising System That Works!

Total Flexibility
Choose any of the Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book editions available at the time of your fundraiser.

- You can sell one (1) edition or All Editions. -

Ordering Options The Choice is Yours
Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books are available to groups and individuals through a variety of ordering options.

Choose from one of our Purchase Plans or Consignment Plans.

You may also take advantage of both plans simultaneously, allowing you to maximize your profits and minimize your risk.

For example: You are confident your organization will sell 200 books and you think you could sell 300 books. You may be better off to order 200 books on the Purchase Plan and order 100 books on the Consignment Plan, provided quantities are still available.

The Combo Plan allows you to increase your profit potential while reducing the risk of being left with un-sold books.

We want you to be successful and we will customize a plan just for you, based on your needs.

Free Sample Books with All Orders
This will allow you to demonstrate Johnny's Coupons Mobile Website and all its features to prospective supporters.

Regardless of your budget, Johnny's Coupons Can Help!

Review the following ordering options and Inquire Today. One of our professional fundraising consultants will work with you to help determine the number of books required for your organization to meet your goals and find the ordering option best suited for you.


Priority Status
Purchase Plan orders receive priority status for delivery.

Sales Deadline Flexibility
Purchase Plans allow you to have flexible sales deadlines to reach your fundraising goals.

Inventory Cannot be Re-Called
Purchase Plans guarantee your ordered edition(s) and quantity of books will be available for the duration of your fundraiser. Your inventory cannot be recalled for any reason.

Earn Maximum Profits
Organizations can Earn up to 50% of the retail price of Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books as their profit.(p1) With profits like this, even small groups and individuals can raise a lot of money quickly and often with little effort.

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No Up-Front Investment
If your organization opts for one of our Consignment Plan options, there is No Up-Front Investment required. Johnny's Coupons will loan you your inventory.(c1)
(c1)On approved credit.

No Minimum Sales Level Required
Starting with your first book sold, you will earn commission for each Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book you sell.

Return any Un-Sold Books.
All un-sold books from Consignment Plan orders may be returned to Johnny's Coupons.(c2)

You only pay for the books you sell and receive a credit to your account for any books returned.

(c2)Subject to Johnny's Coupons Return Policy.

Earn Great Profits
Organizations can Earn up to 45% of the retail price of Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Books as their profit.(c3) With profits like this, even small groups and individuals can raise a lot of money quickly and often with little effort.

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Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping you achieve the best results possible, with outstanding customer service.

We look forward to earning your business, working with you, and helping you exceed your fundraising goals.

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